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Certain chemical group was founded in the last century in 90s, the headquarters is located in overseas Chinese hometown of Jiangmen. The parent company for a certain chemical group's Limited by Share Ltd, Guangdong Moumou paint limited company, Greenway Technology Materials Co, Sichuan Guangdong Moumou Moumou coating Co. Ltd. and Shanghai Co. Ltd., Hebei Moumou Moumou paint paint limited company, Guangdong natural chemical coating company limited, Shanghai Moumou building energy saving Technology Co. Ltd. and Jiangmen city high hardware plastic parts Co. Ltd. 8 a subsidiary. The group has more than 3500 employees, with annual sa...

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Focus on the development of the chemical industry for 13 years
  • Good covering power, good paint coating thickness, enough pigment, fine enough paint

  • No need to move, that is, painted to stay, intimate more convenient

  • Cost saving, water blending, brushing cost reduction

Product advantage
  • Relying on high and new technology, the drying speed is fast and the efficiency is raised by 5-10 ti

  • High quality environmental protection, without any pungent flavor

  • Glaze, flowing paint, various styles, outstanding effect

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